Land based gaming

NMi is committed to maintaining accreditations in all regulated jurisdictions.

Land based gaming

Quick market access is an important factor for you to stay ahead. NMi offers efficient testing services for all types of land based gaming systems, such as casino’s, AWP’s, lotteries and FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminal), in all major markets. From our gaming laboratories in the Netherlands, Italy, the UK and Canada, we help you to gain smooth market access.

Turnkey compliance testing

Thanks to our presence in a large number of countries and our knowledge of their statutory requirements, NMi can combine the approval processes efficiently. Land based gaming testing services include both the machine itself as well as the operations.

Knowledge and expertise in jurisdictions

Regulated jurisdictions all have their unique localised requirements, and partnering with an international, experienced accredited testing facility (ATF), allows you to benefit from that knowledge to bring your product and brand to a global audience.

A personal approach

As your partner laboratory, NMi works with you from start to finish, identifying non-conformances along the way to ensure compliance as an end-game.

 Gaming Machines

 Server Based Gaming and Video Lottery Terminals


 Game concept Analysis




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Julian Borg-Barthet

Julian Borg-Barthet

Senior Business Development Manager, Worldwide

A member of the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA), Julian has a wealth of experience in both online and land-based gaming with a multi-jurisdictional approach to worldwide compliance.

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