iGaming Certification

As the market leading gaming compliance testing and auditing laboratory in the fields of gaming and IT security, we are committed to being first to market in emerging jurisdictions, whilst maintaining accreditations in all existing regulated jurisdictions. With over 40 years of experience in the gaming industry we offer an established infrastructure worldwide with labs in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Canada, and key representatives globally.

iGaming Certification

Regulated online gaming (iGaming) is evolving at a fast pace with new countries implementing regulatory frameworks year after year.

NMi Gaming strive to be at the forefront of market entry. We monitor emerging market trends so we are ready to test in new jurisdictions worldwide once legislation is passed, offering our customers the quickest access to new markets.

With extensive expertise in regulatory requirements, game mathematics, software engineering, and network security, our team of technical specialists search for smart test solutions to save you time and money.

Access to regulated markets requires proof of compliance. Each regulated market has its own list of requirements, which covers everything from technical compliance and network security, to auditing and change management reviews. For our team this is daily business. We are familiar with all highly regulated jurisdictions and can perform all possible tests to prove your compliance, so you are ready to enter worldwide jurisdictions with confidence that your compliance obligations have been met.

It is quite common for online games to be adapted from previously certified content. Games are often updated with new language variants, features, and maths models. In these cases test procedures can be adapted, and any duplication of testing work is kept to a minimum, reducing your lead times to market.

If your ambitions are to enter multiple jurisdictions with your online games, Transfers of Approval for existing certifications can be completed. This is achieved by the testing and updating of previous certifications. NMi Gaming has extensive experience of working across various technical standards and multiple languages to ensure you remain compliant whilst meeting the full scope of testing and reporting requirements for each regulator.

Some regulators require an audit of operator’s system security arrangements, which may include penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and threat and risk assessments. Whilst many regulators also require reviews of policies, procedures, and controls, such as those defined in ISO 27001.

NMi Gaming offer you the following online games testing services. If you need your games testing, please contact us, we’ll talk you through the requirements, the process, the costs and the timescales to meet the compliance requirements for the markets you are targeting.

  • Desktop / Mobile Games Testing
  • E Sports Testing
  • Fantasy Sports Testing
  • Game Concept Analysis
  • Live Dealer Evaluation
  • Platform (RGS) Testing
  • Player Account Management System Testing
  • Random Number Generator (RNG) Testing
  • Return to Player Monitoring Methodology
  • Sportsbook Testing
  • Vault Certification
  • Change Management

Download our latest Online Game Testing Brochure for more information, or call us to discuss your options.

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